Team Concept
St. Jean Realty operates unlike any other real estate company in Canada. Traditional real estate companies are focused on hiring and recruiting agents -- which gives them very little control over the quality of their services. Every agent is required to fend for themselves, which gives them very little time for each individual client. At St. Jean Realty, we have a method of team-building that puts service first. Here's how we are revolutionizing the real estate industry.
Traditional Real Estate Companies Are Failing

Traditional real estate franchises operate similar to that of apartment buildings. Their business plan -- and where they make the money -- is in taking a percentage of each individual agent's commissions, in addition to very high monthly desk fees. They are not interested in hiring quality agents but instead in hiring the largest volume of agents: quantity over quality. Real estate companies routinely boast about how many agents they have, not how productive these agents are. In fact, the average real estate agent last year sold a little over three homes, which leaves them financially incapable of marketing their properties or providing the support and assistance needed. What we've now seen is the rise of teams inside of the big box franchises. Individual agents have banded together to try to pool their resources in order to provide a higher level of service. Unfortunately, this has also fallen short.

Our Strategy for Success at St. Jean Realty

At St. Jean, we realized there is a need for mass change in the real estate industry. Because of this, we have created a real estate brokerage that operates as a team. Each individual person has a specific role that they use to assist the team in entirety to reach our goals and provide a maximum level of service. Because our agents are focused only on assisting people -- rather than all of the other functions required throughout the real estate process -- they are able to provide far superior levels of performance. Our agents don't need to focus on administrative services, marketing services, and other overhead issues -- that's all handled for them. Consequently, they are able to give service at a level that is both unprecedented and unheard of. Our realtors are able to focus completely on getting our buyers the best properties and our sellers top dollar. Because of this, our realtors are, on average, 27 times more productive than the average agent on the Hamilton Real Estate Board. (2015)

We feel that this system is the future of real estate -- and that it is the best approach for buyers and sellers. Contact us today if you want to join our client family and experience the difference that a real team can make.